Travel Jig


  • Travel Jig
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I don’t tote my jig(s) around with me but thought I smaller traveling jig would be just what is needed in these situations. So here is what I have come up with. 4″ wide so it fits in the slide tray area on the boxes, only 1/2″ thick for weight savings (this is NOT a full time building jig). It should work with about any chassis out there, from Group cars to scale to stamped steel, to Retro. Of course I had Retro in mind and made some front tire reliefs so you do not need to remove the fronts to set in new bearings or oilites. These reliefs will not interfere for stamped steel, scale or group chassis. Several axle positions so there should be one you like. Yes, it’s spaced for 1/8″ axle and bushing the pins will be required for 3/32″ axle cars. Trying to keep everyone happy. 🙂 The Travel Jig will come with some stainless pins, an aluminum guide post, a wooden hold down strap and thumb screw. $38.95 plus shipping.