Scratch-Builders Ball Bearing Front Laminating Piece


  • Scratch builders Ball Bearing Front Laminating Piece


Seems that ball-bearing fronts are here to stay so why not an easier way to do it? These front uprights will laminate on the kit style uprights after trimming. Set them up with the bearing installed and then use your jig wheel set and put in position, mark the existing upright where to trim if off and then solder on the new ball bearing unit. No longer the need of double ball bearing fronts tires. John Gorski has been using front axle setups as this and his record speaks for itself. Ron Hershman has raced cars with solid front ball-bearing axle and states he notices no difference. Scratch builders will figure out how to use them, too. Now we have an easy way to do this set up. Use any front tire and just use the set screw. $4.25 pair.