RDM Chassis Jig


  • RDM Chassis Jig
  • $49.95 plus shipping


A couple of years ago, R. D. McCurdy summoned me to make him a couple of chassis jig fixtures. He asked for two and I made four of them. I kept one for myself and Stuebe bought the last one. Stuebe has related to me several times that it is usually the first jig he reaches for to build on. I asked RD’s permission if I could use his design for a production model. This model is not as versatile or adjustable as my Super Jig but it also costs less and is easy to build retro cars on. I use mine often. I have placed pins in every hole for you to see the wheelbase adjustments; there are four pin holes for 3-1/8″ pan stops and RD’s unique guide length adjustment system. Down the center are tapped holes for the hold downs and usage of a motor bracket wedge. The guide lead adjuster changes by 1/8″ increments and an aluminum post (to be brass soon) to slide the tongue on for positive location (see picture). The jig pictured is made from 1/2″ thick material and 3/4″ material is available for an extra $8. As always all pins are common slot car sizes, 1/8″ and 1/16″ that can be made easily with some brass rod. Included hardware is stainless steel, except the guide which will be made from brass for future jigs and one aluminum hold down strap and one hardwood hold down. $49.95 plus shipping…