DSF1 Chassis Kit


  • DSF1 Chassis Kit


You want a bit o parts that you can get creative with? Here it is again with the ball-bearing fronts added in the kit for a ball bearing front axle. This is a clone kit of the very popular Dennis Samson F1 cars. Look at the ROC and you’ll the A Main loaded with this type of chassis, John Miller ran his own self built clone, Ralph Thorn car was from this parts kit, Kevin VanPelt, Dave Mountz and Howie raced a genuine Dennis Samson chassis, Ron Hershman ran a RPM built car using the kit parts. I will have to say with that cast of characters a pretty good base line of parts to build a winning car. To add in the bb front uprights, just build the rails and capture the upright between the inner and outer rails, once soldered, mark where to trim the wire loops and solder in the bb uprights. Bulletproof system and any front tire can be used. The best part is yet to come. You can order the kit like a Samson with brass and wire rails or all brass or all wire, builders choice. Pans are narrow, flat and have pin tube tabs included. Set any wheelbase, any guide lead you prefer. Coined 3/4″ guide tongue, rattle pan, wire loops, and pin tubes. New hypoid motor bracket and non-hypoid coming soon, builders choice. $39.95

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